A Guide to Beautiful Closets

A Guide to Beautiful Closets

Be it a walk-in, a hanging rack or a reach-in, your closet doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, stuffed-to-the-brim mess. Clean, organized, beautiful closets are not reserved for the massively wealthy or interminably obsessive compulsive.

Understandably, reorganizing your closet seems like a massive, time-consuming endeavor requiring that you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, mentally prepare for the challenge, then put it off for a couple weeks, then mentally prepare again, then sort through one season of clothing before you throw all your sweaters into one big heap and frustratedly shove the closet doors shut. However, none of this is required (or suggested). 

As busy women who have (somehow) conquered the interminably messy closet, these are our realistic suggestions to organizing your closet. 


1. Do a little bit at a time - like we teach toddlers to put away our toys when they're finished, we need to re-teach ourselves to put away the clothes we tried on (but didn't wear) instead of leaving dresses strewn across the floor, bed and chairs. This also means being cognizant of cleanliness every time you go into your closet. Every time you go through your clothes looking for something to wear, ask yourself, do I love this ruffle shoulder sweater? do I wear these wide leg Milly trousers? with the clothes you try on. 

2. Kill the emotional attachment to your clothes - you've started asking yourself if you love and actually wear the clothes in your closet, but the key to this is doing something once you come to the conclusion about those clothes. Aside from your wedding dress or your mother's favorite sweater, clothes are just clothes. Attaching sentimental value is normal, but often causes you to accumulate clothes you never wear but are never willing to give up. Usually, we have to remind ourselves that someone else will really love a sweater or dress we never wear, and that it's serving a greater purpose to give it up. Another great question that helps us achieve this  is: if we were able to start from scratch in our closet, how and what would we buy to restock our wardrobe? If those pieces don't align with your dream closet, donate them. And, for the record, we'd start re-building our wardrobe with this double breasted blazer!

3. Color Coordinate - this is easy, put all the shades of white, black, blue, pink together. It will help you locate your clothes easier and add instant aesthetic value to your closet. Added bonus: color coordinate your hangars. 

4. Buy a shoe rack: show your shoes some love and make your mornings easier by committing to a shoe rack. Shoes do not belong jumbled in a bin together. Conversely, they do not belong in their shoeboxes, those take up far too much valuable space. 

5. Commit to staples - buy thoughtfully: things you'll wear frequently and for a long time, like cigarette trousers or a cashmere pullover. This cuts down on closet clutter easily. 

6. Sell or donate your clothes - actually do something with the clothes you no longer love, instead of keeping them in bags or bins in your closet. Whether it's Poshmark, Goodwill, a consignment store, or your best friend's closet, those clothes need to go. Anything you can do to de-clutter and make extra space will motivate you to continue organizing your closet. 

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