Apps That Get Us Through the Work Week

Apps That Get Us Through the Work Week

In all honesty, most days we feel like we need a personal assistant. Between getting ahead in our careers, handling a household, working on a side hustle, managing our finances, and keeping ourselves alive, "adulting" is hard. You can't buy groceries if you don't go to work, but if you go to work, you hardly have time to buy the groceries! 

We think there's a lot of undue emphasis on "doing it all," but not a lot of information on how to actually do it all. Luckily, there are resources. Of course, we rely on Instagram (to give us a much needed work break), Uber, Waze (to get us through the insane Austin traffic) and flight apps, but these are the apps that really get us through the work week with a lot less stress. 


iCal - Undoubtedly, you know about iCal. But, we've found that making a commitment to putting in all of our engagements, appointments, goals, due dates and tasks makes a world of difference. Try putting in all your "booked" time (e.g. time you'll be at work, at the gym, getting coffee with friends), goals (e.g. fold the laundry by Saturday, read a chapter of the book you've been neglecting for months), due dates (e.g. refill prescriptions), and appointments (e.g. pick up the skirt you had dry cleaned, dentist, board meeting, weekly regroup) for two weeks. You'll most likely notice that you're forgetting less and accomplishing more - especially the things you usually don't prioritize, like self-care. 

Digit - Unless you're in finance, you might not have a lot of time to think about (or understand) your personal finances, which means one of the most important things you can do is often put on the back burner: save. Digit makes it super easy to save for retirement (or this bag), automatically saving for you based on your income and expenses. Plus, it texts you your balance every morning, keeping you aware of your financial situation. Sign up here

Instacart - If you hate grocery shopping or don't have the time (or motivation - we don't either) to go grocery shopping, Instacart will deliver your groceries from your local grocery, Whole Foods or Costco. Set up your delivery time and avoid unnecessary ice cream purchases with. Don't have Instacart in your city yet? Amazon works just as well for essentials like Topo Chico or pet food! 

iCloud Drive - You probably know about iCloud, too. But a monthly subscription of iCloud data has proved not only helpful, but essential - especially for those of us who live on our phones and/or never back-up our data. The basic package has ensured we don't lose photos, notes, or texts if/when our iPhones crash. 

OpenTable - With OpenTable, we avoid the stress of choosing a place to eat or calling to make reservations. It's instant and it's easy, making it more convenient to schedule the social time we so often put off. Going 9 to 5 to your reservation? Read our tips on how to dress for that here

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