Make Your [Weekday] Mornings Easier

Make Your [Weekday] Mornings Easier

Weekday mornings are brutal, salvaged only by a few extra minutes under the covers and strong coffee. From combined years of seeking those extra few morning minutes, the Bellgray team has compiled their tips to making morning routines as efficient as possible - so you can get those few extra minutes in bed, in the office before everyone arrives, in meditation, or with the kids!

As with most things, an efficient morning routine takes practice, dedication and planning. If you’re like us, very little will keep our sleep-deprived brains from hitting the snooze button. So, preparing in the evening, committing to the routine and actually following the routine morning after morning are keys to actualizing the efficient routine that will make your mornings easier and more productive.


1. Plan the night before! 

Chances are, you're more alert and you have more time in the evenings. So, take advantage of that extra brain power and time to prepare your breakfast and morning coffee (or tea), lay out your outfit (there's a reason our mom's made us do this in elementary school!), and put your keys, work bag, gym bag etc. by the door. This cuts down on the time you'll spend making breakfast, figuring out what to wear and looking for your keys! 


2. Make your bed!

Yes, this actually adds time to your morning routine, but only a few minutes. And it's totally worth it. Studies (and personal experience) shows that making your bed in the morning creates feelings of accomplishment, lowers your stress levels and leads to the establishment of other good habits. We've found that starting off your day with this small task has an immensely positive effect: the first thing you do in the morning is an accomplishment! 


3. Systemize your hygiene and beauty routines...

Yes, routines can be boring, but we've found that sticking to one gets us out of the house faster (and better kept!). If you didn't shower the night before (another great way to shorten your time getting ready in the morning), use the shower to wake yourself up, meditate (if that's part of your morning routine), brush your teeth and wash your face. Then, find a beauty 'look' that is reliable and easy - the natural, no-makeup makeup look is best for corporate culture. Minimizing the time spent on your hair is also helpful (and a no-brainer!), invest in hair products that make your hair easy to tame and care for, then find a style that is low-maintence. A good rule of thumb is the longer the hair, the shorter the upkeep! 


Have any other tips to streamlining your morning routines? Let us know! 

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