Tackling pain points in women’s work apparel

Tackling pain points in women’s work apparel

BizWomen recently featured Bellgray as one of the few brands addressing the pain points in women's work wear.


Pain point: What to wear and where to buy it

Solution: Outfit suggestion tool and streamlined purchasing

Austin-based startup Bellgray is a resource for women who don’t even know where to start. Annie Shafran, 25, launched her online store in May, while maintaining her role as an associate at UBS Wealth Management.

Shafran has never been a fan of shopping for work clothes, especially since working in finance allows little room for creativity. She wanted to create a platform where women with strict dress codes could still have fun.

“It’s a fine line between dressing to be yourself and being able to express yourself within the boundaries,” Shafran said.

Bellgray’s differentiating element is the “Wear It With” feature, which suggests pieces of clothing to pair together. The idea stemmed from Shafran’s time as an associate at Bernstein Private Wealth Management after graduating from University of California, Berkeley, where she met a lot of young women who weren’t sure how exactly to define their work attire.

“What’s business casual?” she said. “For a man, that’s either a tie or no tie. For a woman, that’s who knows what.”

Bellgray sells pieces from a variety of partner brands using technology from California-based Varinode Inc. The technology allows customers to purchase items from several different sources without redirecting the transaction.

“My idea was to make a work section where you could do all your work clothes shopping in one place,” Shafran said.

Shafran plans to spend Bellgray’s first six months analyzing the customer base, what pieces and price points are the most popular. She’s expecting the demographic to remain between mid-20s and 40s, offering clothing for all career stages.

“It can really grow with you as you grow your career,” Shafran said.

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