27 Essentials for your Business Wardrobe

27 Essentials for your Business Wardrobe

One of the hardest attires to shop for is business professional. To make things easier we created this wardrobe capsule to help you shop for the staples to create the perfect look. 

What is a wardrobe capsule? A wardrobe capsule is the building blocks of what you need in your closet. Essentially the essentials. You start with these few pieces and then layer in more looks on top of them. With this structure, it is easy to build out the different looks that you need.

Where does business professional attire apply? Typically in industries like finance, law, and any sort of formal corporate office environment. It also applies for when you are interviewing for a job or at a client meeting. It is notoriously the most difficult look for women to pull off because there are so few rules in places about what business attire is.

With these basic 27 items, you will be business ready year round. To make things even easier, you can shop all these pieces on Bellgray from the comfort of your phone or computer.

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