How to Dress for an Interview:  Advice from Recruiters

How to Dress for an Interview:  Advice from Recruiters

Dressing for a job interview is never easy, but these ladies interview hundreds of candidates a year for the most prestigious firms and are sharing the exclusive with us on their favorite interview outfits and styles. Listen up – what these people think matters! With the job market as competitive as ever, a great interview outfit can be that extra piece you need to stand out and get the job.

Best interview outfit you have seen.

Consulting: A classic black sheath with some stretch looks great and sleek.

Investment Banking: Black Theory pantsuit with black Stuart Weitzman pointed toe heels. Simple and small diamond pendant necklace and silver bracelets.

Law: Very traditional.  Dark skirt suit, neutral-colored dress shirt, pointed heels.

Tech: You don't want to look like you're trying to hard, but certainly want to look like you put some thought into what you're wearing. I'm a fan of fitted slacks, a colorful printed blouse, simple jewelry, and a classic flat

Most awkward interview experience.

As a recruiter, I’ve had to have some uncomfortable conversations with candidates and interviewees about why they were not able to move forward in the process. It is always sad to break the news, but frequently we hear of some fashion mishaps that set a person back that easily could have been avoided.

Professional attire and first impressions really do matter, not matter how qualified you are. Two of my favorites would be a male that showed up in flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt, and a woman who arrived to a final interview in a plunging halter top dress.

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