Business Formal vs. Business Casual

Business Formal vs. Business Casual

Let's tackle the age-old questions that have never been answered: what does business formal mean? And what does business casual mean?

We have all been there. We get the email from the recruiter that specifies a dress code that is extremely vague. Let’s break it down now and make some hard and fast rules to master interview etiquette. 


Translation: wear a jacket, but not a full suit. Shop the looks on Bellgray here.

Business casual attire for women is a vague concept. For Summer, business casual means wearing a nice dress with a blazer or un-structured jacket. Layer in some light accessories like a simple chain necklace and stud earrings.

In the winter, we recommend a sweater jacket, silk or chiffon top, and a pair of suit pants.

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Translation: full suit. Shop the looks on Bellgray here.

We are personally huge fans of pant suits, but skirt suits are also great if you aren’t comfortable rocking the Hillary look yet. The suit should be plain (navy, black, or gray) and layer in your personality with a print/colored top, or light accessories. You want to be memorable – but not stand out.

Check out some more looks for inspiration.

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