Landing a Job at a Start Up: What to Wear?

Landing a Job at a Start Up: What to Wear?

We have all heard that dreaded line from a recruiter when you are interviewing at the likes of Google, Facebook, or any Tech company, "dress casual and be yourself!" But what does that mean? The possibilities feel endless as you scour through your closet. There is a fine line between looking "stuffy" and being too casual. We are here to help you walk that line.

Firstly, avoid being overly formal. You can come across as cold and also unaware of their culture if you show up in a suit. Stay away from full suits! Also, always stay away from any heels over three inches. You want to be remembered for your personality, not your shoes.

Secondly, this may sound obvious, but we have to say it for some of you out there - NO sweatpants/ yoga pants/ or anything stretchy. Please wear real pants.

Now that we have laid some basic ground rules, lets explore some good options.

If you are on the more formal side and can't stand being under dressed for an interview (we feel you there), this is your go-to look: layer a blazer over a blouse with a fun color or a pattern, dark crisp jeans, and booties or flats depending on the time of year. If you are on the fashionable side add a statement necklace.

Look number two we love: a long sleeve blouse/top tucked in to a pencil skirt, paired with booties or flats. This look is a little more casual because you don't have the jacket, but still formal because you aren't wearing jeans.

Look three: a dress with an unstructured jacket. A good example of an unstructured jacket is a moto jacket (below). Dress styles that we love for interviews: pencil (be careful it isn't too tight), a-line, and fit and flare.

Once you have the look down, you will be 100% more comfortable in your interview. Make sure to invest time in how you look because it truly affects your confidence on the day. Don't leave your outfit until last minute, plan it out the night before and think about the message you are sending with your style.

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Please comment below with your experiences and what you have worn to rock your tech interviews before. Click "Share" below to send this style guide to your friends. They will definitely know someone who needs our help!

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