Office Flats

Office Flats

Blisters. Scrunched toes. Sore back. Numb feet. Somehow, heels not only make your feet hurt, but the day feel longer. Especially if you forget to bring the flats you walk home in. But, beauty is pain, right? Wrong. You can have beautiful, chic shoes that compliment (and elevate) your workwear look without killing your feet in the process. No more hoarding heels under your cubicle to put on for meetings and client lunches, because we rounded up our favorite work-appropriate, but irrefutably stylish flats to give your toes a break without giving your outfit a blow. Plus, our tips to styling those said flats


  1. Opt for sleeker, shorter silhouettes: this means ditch the voluminous skirts and pants if you're going to wear flats. Pair flats with cropped cigarette pants or shorter (but not too short) skirts and dresses in these summer time!

  2. Avoid Midi Length: This is especially important for more petite women, as mid-length skirts and dresses are shortening for shorter women. But with tall and short women, mid-length skirts and dresses almost always require a heel to keep the look long and sleek. Flats are better suited for cropped cigarette pants and shorter dresses and skirts. 

  3. Mind the color: to keep your silhouette long, keep your shoe and outfit color palette similar and go dark to light, toe to head. Or, more specifically, if you're wearing a darker color palette, your shoes should be the darkest part of your outfit, your pants the same color or a bit lighter and your top the lightest part of your outfit. For lighter palettes, opt for monochromatic looks! 

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