Summer Outfits for the Office

Summer Outfits for the Office

It's 100 degrees outside, but a cool 65 degrees in your office – what gives?? No matter if it's 100 degrees or 20 degrees, it's always a cool 65 inside. Here are some tips on summer office outfits and how to master it.

Highlights: it is your regular work wardrobe – just with more bright colors and patterns. Always travel with a small sweater that will only be needed inside. Check out these looks below for inspiration!

What to wear to work in the summer:

Bright sleeveless dresses with a small cardigan you can throw in your purse. You can never be too prepared for what summer weather can bring you.

Pencil skirt and a top. We love a more vibrant color to make it feel like a summer outfit.

Another one of our favorite looks is a bright A-line skirt and a tucked in neutral top. This feels uniquely summery because these skirts are really fun in the spring/ summer. Spring work outfits and summer office wear are very similar. Focus on color and pattern to brighten up these months (as opposed to showing more skin).

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