The Tech Wardrobe Essentials

The Tech Wardrobe Essentials

Working in Tech means you straddle a thin, ever-blurred line between an ultra laid-back mentality and professionalism: an anything-goes-mentality in an office environment. Remembering you actually work in an office becomes difficult when sneakers and t-shirts rule. 

But, whether you work at a name-brand firm like Google or a small start-up, it's paramount to remember that first impressions are major and they are often determined by what you wear. For better or worse, it's human nature. So, while it may be acceptable in your office culture to wear sweatpants, it's often not the outfit that conveys the impression of your best self. And in an ultra-competitive environment like Tech, seemingly little things like your work wear can be key.

With that in mind, this wardrobe capsule is the essence of comfy meets style. Upgrade your Tech attire and nail that first impression with these 8 pieces:


1. Sweater Dresses: perfect for colder months and cozy comfort. Pair with tights and knee-high boots in colder temperatures. 



2. Watches: a classic watch is an accessory that elevates any outfit. Pair it with work-out chic and jean-based outfits alike.

3. Moto Jackets: blazers are often too stuffy for Tech, slick Moto jackets however... 


4. Embellished Flats: flats can be just as professional as heels, which are often too formal for most Tech offices. Plus, they're way more comfortable. 

5. Mock-Necks: Be it a tank or sweater, this winter-appropriate option is perennially chic. 


6. Stretchy Pants: a great work-compromise between leggings and pants. A must. 

7. Luxe Tees: upgrade your cotton graphic and college t-shirts for luxe, adult options. 


8. Bell-Sleeve Sweaters: this statement piece is chic and easily takes you from work to after-work drinks without being too fashion-forward for often male-dominated offices. 


    Shop all these looks in this curated section of clothes for women who work in tech here.


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