Transitioning Your Work Wardrobe to Spring

Transitioning Your Work Wardrobe to Spring

As February ends and March begins, so starts that awkward time between Winter and Spring: erratic temperatures, unpredictable weather, and still undefined style trends. It’s not quite time to pack away your scarves and store your winter boots on that unreachable top closet shelf, so you’ll want to make the most of the pieces you invested in and relied upon during the winter while they’re still taking up space in the immediately accessible part of your closet. But, you’ll also want to integrate the lighter, fresher Spring pieces into your workwear. 

Ultimately, transitioning your wardrobe from Winter to Spring is not about pulling out all your florals - because, "florals for Spring? Groundbreaking” Instead, it’s about mixing and matching your warmer and cooler weather items and integrating a few new special, current pieces. This is always easier, however, when your wardrobe revolves around staples - basics in neutral colors that can transcend trend and weather changes. When looking for new Spring clothing, try thinking about how you’ll wear the piece in the Summer, Fall and Winter seasons!


Update: Shoes 

Spring is all about mules - think Gucci’s backless loafers. It’s a super-fresh take on a traditionally stuffy shoe that’s more practical in Spring’s warmer weather. Pair them with the cropped pants you’ve already been wearing in flat or heeled form. 


Mix: Blazers

As it warms up outside (probably not inside because the office will always be 65 degrees!), take advantage of the cooler mornings and evenings to continue wearing your thicker blazers made of wool and velvet (like this one!). But, try pairing them with skirts and dresses. 

Update: Silhouettes 

Voluminous sleeves are major this Spring, so integrate work-appropriate (think not too big or too limiting) bell-sleeves into your workwear by pairing them with your go-to pants or a monochromatic dress. Keep this trend more conservative and work-appropriate by choosing pieces in neutral or muted colors. Try this bell-sleeve dress


Mix: Chunky sweaters 

Get the most out of your beloved thick sweaters, but - like with your blazers - start pairing them with skirts and dresses. Even better, make use of the sweaters you layered with during winter and wear those on their own tucked into pants or pencil skirts - we love this chunky knit

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