What to Watch in Workwear: Style Lessons from New York Fashion Week

What to Watch in Workwear: Style Lessons from New York Fashion Week

No matter what industry they work in, every woman can take a style cue from New York Fashion Week. The spotlight event took spanned seven glitter-filled days from February 2 to February 9, during which the Who’s Who in all things trendy showed off their latest designs. 

There’s no shortage of showy outfits both on the runways and on the streets during NYFW, but that doesn’t mean that classic looks don’t also get time to shine. This year’s fashion week, which showcased what’s in store for Fall 2017, saw many collections give a new twist to timeless looks.

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Here are six looks from NYFW that set the stage for the future of workwear chic:



Caroline Herrera

The look: A dark plaid wrap dress with black tights and mid-calf boots

How to wear it: Don’t restrict your plaid picks to lax flannel tees. Make plaid a regular part of your wardrobe by embracing it to its fullest extent. Sport it as the centerpiece  of your work outfit — like this Caroline Herrara look — rather than struggling to make it work with pieces you already own. Keep the pattern office-appropriate by choosing plaid items in neutral or muted tones. 



Oscar De La Renta

The look: White slacks and a long white coat over a black turtleneck 

How to wear it: If the fear of spilled coffee makes you wary of white, don’t worry; This sophisticated color pairing looks just as stylish in other hues. Opt for a soft shade of gray or your favorite pastel for the matching pants and coat, and choose a complementary color for your base layer. All the same fun without the fiasco (because the office is so not the place for that).



Tory Burch

The look: Navy blazer and skirt set with a tucked scarf and feminine shoes

How to wear it: Update your favorite pantsuit or skirt set with eye-catching accessories. Slip on some shoes with a feminine flair, like these Tory Burch flats with ankle bows. This small change can be a much-needed refreshment for work outfits that have started to feel drab. Your colleagues will know your trendy toes from a mile down the hall.



Brandon Maxwell

The look: A silky monochrome jumpsuit and basic black heels

How to wear it: Make this runway onesie your own by pairing pieces in a single color. Feeling extra confident? Prep the the jumpsuit for the workday ahead by giving it a professional touch — a blazer, coat or cardigan will do the trick.



Tom Ford

 The look: Tweed jacket with brown leather skirt and matching belt

How to wear it: Opt for a tailored fit on top, like this Tom Ford outfit does, while keeping it sleek and straight on bottom. Aim for a mix of textures to take this look to the max. Just about any duo will fit this look — from lace and velvet to chenille and tulle.


Michael Kors

The look: Simple button-up with an elegant mermaid skirt in a contrasting color

How to wear it: Swap the pencil skirt for this flowier form, which is slightly more casual but just as flattering to your form. As for the blouse, any classic button-up will do; Pick one in a solid color or pair a patterned top with a solid-color skirt.

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