In the business world, the highest achievers are the ones who solve problems effectively, with great finesse. Founded on the belief that confidence follows style, Bellgray presents a streamlined solution to the persistent challenge of curating a beautiful work wardrobe. We edit an elite selection of pieces from our favorite designers, optimized for professional settings.

Every day, exceptional women are waking up and walking out the door to pursue impressive careers. They want their work looks to keep pace with their elevated ambitions, and they don’t want to waste too much time on the task. They want to look sharp and modern and stylish, but they have dress codes to consider. They care about fashion, but they care about their careers more. Bellgray is here for those women, the ones who want to excel at office attire, just like they do at everything else. 


Because we know how busy you are, the Bellgray shopping experience is intended to be as efficient and seamless as possible. After placing your order, your items will be shipped from our partners and may come in several packages, depending on the items you ordered. All of our items have free shipping and free returns.

Need some advice? Chats us live on the site, call 512.253.8115 or send us an email at info@shop-bellgray.com. We are happy to give advice on our favorite looks, interview prep, or your shopping experience!


About the Founder

Annie Shafran is her own ideal customer. A finance professional with a keen eye for style, she entered the world of wealth management in San Francisco after graduating with honors at the University of California, Berkeley. Before long, she found herself frustrated with the lack of work wardrobe options for women who are serious and stylish.

Annie thought getting dressed for work should be fun, and she believed in the value of having a sharp look to nail an interview, power through long days at the office, impress clients over cocktails or fly out to New York for a crucial business trip. And yet, she thought, who had time to go shopping while cutting such a fast-paced career path?

Annie created Bellgray to curate her favorite pieces season after season, giving women a place to go online, in the comfort of their homes or offices, and find modern work looks with little effort. Annie creates an elite work wear edit, giving women far fewer options to wade through in search of the perfect professional wardrobe. Much like a high-performing team member, each item is pre-screened for quality and character, bringing years of success to those who wear them.


Laura Greissing

Laura started her career in real estate development with Hines Interests in Washington, DC after graduating from Bucknell University where she played Division I lacrosse. After being promoted at Hines twice in three years, Laura continued her real estate career in Austin, TX with Stream Realty Partners after moving with her husband.

Laura decided to make a career change after meeting our Founder, Annie. She felt strongly about Bellgray’s mission and noticed a gap in the market while trying to find appropriate work wear while in real estate.

Laura’s corporate background working with two of the premier real estate companies in the world gives her a competitive edge at Bellgray, providing intimate knowledge of Bellgray’s customers and what they’re looking for. She currently handles all merchandising as well as business development for Bellgray.  

Rona Hedjazi

Rona was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She attended The University of Texas in Austin, where she studied Economics and Communications. While Rona has always been passionate about style, design and art, it is in Austin that she discovered and developed her interest in social media marketing. These interests have evolved well together.

After working on social media strategy with a large, Austin-based tech startup, Rona transitioned to Bellgray, where she now works as the Director of Social Media and Brand Marketing.

In her free time, she reads, runs a satirical Instagram account and pursues photography.

Makenzi Hogan

Born in Atlanta, Georgia but a previous resident of San Antonio, Cincinnati, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Santa Fe, Makenzi Hogan is an Austin-transplant who pretends ATX is her actual hometown.

Makenzi is also a twenty-something with sixty-something shopping ambitions, meaning she craves sleek silhouettes, luxury fabrics and covetable accessories on a barely-post-grad’s budget. So, between working at Bellgray and double majoring (in History & Rhetoric) at The University of Texas, Austin, she’s scouring e-commerce sites for deals.

In part, that’s why she was so attracted to Bellgray - she believes that style shouldn’t be sacrificed for lack of resources, be it time, money, willingness or familiarity with e-commerce offerings. And though she’s known for her athleisure style, she fully knows the challenges of dressing for professional settings. She’s also familiar with professional-sphere challenges that transcend work wear, like office politics and that ever-elusive work-life balance. She’s excited and passionate about connecting professional women with the knowledge, advice and resources on how to navigate the work world on the Bellgray Scoop.